Thursday, 3 February 2011

Me, a laptop, and some spare time on my hands.

Many people struggle to find a beginning to anything, but the best way for me is to say who I am and what I like.
 My name is Ollie (As you probably noticed by the title.)
 I like people, and anything along the lines of entertainment. (Film, Music, Photography, Art etc)

This site to me is probably one way I can truly just talk about anything that I like, whether it be an interest, topic or just how I'm feeling but the freedom to just type, willingly in any mood is liberating for me. To start off to tell you a little about myself, I live in the south of England, in the company of my family of 5 who are a sprightly bunch and I attend a Sixth form college at my local school in the company of my beloved friends who are just to die for! Studying is something I have the ability to do but can sometimes lack the inclination for however some of my friends do which something I slightly envy but also admire too. You really do notice sometimes the significance of other people's company when you feel just terrible sometimes. It's surprisingly uplifting to know they're there for moral support at times as well. I think a lot of people forget this sometimes, including myself, when you wind yourself up in your own problems and shut yourself off because you think its what you should do when really, it's bad. Now just to wind me first post to an abrupt closure because of fatigue, I'd like to happily introduce myself to those who know me already or those who stumbled across me by accident. 

Over and Out,
Ollie McMillan.

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